Chicamauga Trail Sale

14th Annual Chicamauga Trail Sale!!

Date: April 28th, 2018

Rain Date: May 5th, 2018

Time: 7 a.m. until??

Yay!! It's time for the 14th annual Chicamauga Trail Sale.

Google maps is used to highlight participants. RSVP at The Webmaster will be notified and your address placed on the map. You are not required to live on Chicamauga Trail to participate.

Signs will be posted on Hobbs, Mt. Gap, Kohler, and Hillwood as well as the Parkway; an advertisement on Craigslist and Nextdoor Hillwood Flyer boxes will be placed with printed media mapping out participating yard sales so your RSVP is important to be on the MAP.

I will provide “2yellowballons” for each person that participates in the sale and these can be picked up the morning of April 28th to signify that you are in this sale. Coffee, Juice, Water and Krispy Kreme doughnuts will be provided during pick-up of balloons starting promptly at 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 at:

11314 Chicamauga Trail.

Remember The Saving Way or your preferred organization is around the corner from us and appreciate all donations.